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Img2Vid. Contextual videos for any web page

Show web videos on any web page, based on the content of the page

Img2Vid - Enrich website content

Enrich website content

With Img2Vid you can turn any static web page into a dynamic website. Img2vid fetches and displays videos relevant to the content of the page, providing a quick visual tool to reflect your content and attract new visitors.
Img2Vid - Increase users' engagement

Increase users' engagement

With Img2Vid you can increase users' engagement. Showing contextual videos on a web page increases the impact and provides visitors a chance to learn more about your product or service. Visitors who watch videos tend to stay longer and visit more pages on a website.
Img2Vid - Convert visits to sales

Convert visits to sales

With Img2Vid you can increase your sales. Visitors who watch videos about a product or service are better informed and thus more likely to make a purchase. Contextual videos encourage visitors to visit the website again and again, and provide a chance to significantly boost up sales.